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Newlyweds Need Life Insurance

As someone who is eyeballing marriage within about two years, I can definitely say that I’ve got a lot of planning to do, boxes to check off, and lifestyle changes to implement. I’m not super young, but I’m definitely still early on enough in life to know that things need to be done before marriage.

One of those things happens to be life insurance.

It’s a weird concept to me, at least at the moment. To pay money every month so that when I die, even more money comes back as a safety net to someone I delegate. It’s just . . . bizarre.

But I know when I marry (and even have children), the notion makes full sense in order to protect my spouse and spawn. Because in all honesty, I’m sure a significant part of their lives will be impacted financially without a policy in place.

For example, imagine if you die and your kids still depend on your income to get by? Imagine how much a devastation it would be to not have money for food and housing on top of losing their mother or father? It’s a pretty sad thing to imagine them losing you as it is, but to lose you and not have the means to live comfortably at a young age? That’s pretty brutal.

So don’t wait around or put it off for too long. Random disasters strike ordinary people like you every single day. Just because you think you’re healthy or you think you live in a good neighborhood doesn’t mean something can’t happen out of the blue that could render your family unable to make payments on a funeral, on monthly bills, and on groceries.

Picking out a policy that fits you and your family takes some time to research, sure. But it’s well worth the time and money invested to have a plan in place when your time ultimately comes to an end. We don’t mean to be tasteless about it, but you cannot control how and when you die, but you can control taking on a life insurance policy to give your family more comfort everyday knowing that all will be fine no matter what.

Insurance can seem like an unnecessary thing that you pay for by the month only to not have anything happen to you, but it’s just one of those things that you’ll wish you had when you need it most. The problem you’ll be okay with is “Well, I don’t need this and yet I have it.”